Oregon Grown

DBS is an Oregon grown company. We’ve been serving the Healthcare community since 1986. DBS offers tailored services that will meet your specific needs. We know our business and we are always ready to put our expertise and support to work in your facility. DBS is the best Release of Information Service in the Northwest. DBS is the best because our staff is of the highest quality. This is the direct result of DBS hiring, orientation and professional training practices and standards. DBS employees are in continuous staff development and our management team is always accessible and supportive to our ROI specialists and to your facility. DBS makes YOU our number one priority. Your needs come first.

Mission Statement

DBS is a Northwest family-owned company, dedicated to promoting the highest quality of life for those we serve, by providing unparalleled service to the healthcare industry. We strive to be the best ROI service in the industry. We provide an employment opportunity that offers great benefits, outstanding support and a family atmosphere that cares for the employees.We are the best at customer service and desire to offer impeccable service to all medical facilities in the Northwest.

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