Tailored Services

Simple, Secure, and Accurate

Customized Service

We customize services and solutions that meet your specific needs. DBS understands that each Health Information Management record department is different. Tell us what you want and DBS will create a solution to meet your vision.

On-site Services

DBS can provide services at your facility or at our secure office locations. DBS provides you assurance by being readily available in person as needed through our local offices and specialists prompt repsonses.

Current Technology

DBS uses current technology to serve your needs the best. We seamlessly access your Electronic Health Record, extract requested health information, and transform them into a searchable PDF document for the requesting party. DBS can deliver the requested information via secure-link immediately to the requester. DBS has digital scanning options to support your transition from paper to electronic health record.

Rapid Service

DBS offers a 24-hour turnaround of all requests that are given to us. Our timeliness will exceed any other service available to you. DBS offers your department free consulting and assistance in establishing best practices, writing policies and meeting compliance benchmarks.


DBS offers you expertise and accredited staff to answer your questions, educate your staff and support your individual needs.