The Value of Customer Service


Here at DBS Health Information, customer satisfaction is our main focus.  Our Mission Statement reads:

DBS is a Northwest family-owned company, dedicated to promoting the highest quality of life for those we serve, by providing unparalleled service to the healthcare industry. We strive to be the best ROI service in the industry. We provide an employment opportunity that offers great benefits, outstanding support and a family atmosphere that cares for the employees.We are the best at customer service and desire to offer impeccable service to all medical facilities in the Northwest.

We like to be that little ray of sunshine in the departments we serve.  Promoting the highest quality of life for those we serve takes time and dedication.  Our ROI Specialists are always working toward developing the best skills possible in this area.

Among the customer service/communication skills and competencies, the following have been identified for benchmark healthcare organizations[16.]:

  • Speaks courteously to customers
  • Offers and accepts constructive criticism
  • Practices active listening
  • Writes legibly
  • Provides and asks for feedback to confirm understanding
  • Maintains eye contact when speaking to someone
  • Provides timely and clear information and follow-up to requests from patients and other customers
  • Identifies self to all customers at all times
  • Answers phone in four rings and identifies service and self
  • Offers assistance without being prompted
  • Helps maintain a quiet environment
  • Is not involved in private conversations in front of patients or other customers
  • Asks permission to put caller on hold and returns in one minute or less
  • Does not complain to customers
  • Listens to and educates customers
  • Treats everyone as an individual
  • Does not talk down to others
  • Addresses issues directly with person involved in a calm tone of voice
  • Greets people with a smile
  • Focuses on customers’ needs
  • Shows dignity and respect for patients

As we focus on these things, the fruit of our efforts are found in the response from those we serve:

“I just wanted to email you quick and let you know that I absolutely love working with you and everyone else at DBS! We work with a LOT of record copying services and I don’t think I have ever had things go so smoothly as they do with your company. Thank you for all your hard work and I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Account Representative

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